Zello and Sartopo

I have received emails from two ASAR members with pieces of information that some of you may find useful. I am not familiar with either and hope to get myself up to speed this weekend when I drive down to Wauchula to do some flying . . . hopefully!

The first email was from Nick who tells me that he has been using an app called Zello on his phone for many years and finds it very useful. YouTube videos indicate that Zello has been around for a long time. He is involved with SAR and HAM radio and per Nick and YouTube, the SAR community uses Zello regularly for operations in national emergency situations like hurricanes and other severe weather or other natural disaster incidents. There are numerous videos on YouTube about Zello. Here are a couple that I found interesting. I hope to try it out on the ground in the next few days. Incidentally, Nick has already created a channel called "ASAR NATIONAL" for us to use. Thanks for that! I am looking forward to hearing back from my readers and their experiences with more information on this app.

I was also contacted by Kurt regarding a computer program that has a lot of potential for ASAR that I had never heard of. It is called SARTOPO or CALTOPO and the link is www.sartopo.com.

I am just starting to review all of the potential uses for it but it appears to provide a ton of valuable information with respect to what lies below; trails, dirt roads, ponds, terrain, etc. and looks to be ideal for designing safe search patterns or rescue pathways and emergency landing sites for downed pilots. I will go over it in detail in a future article. I have invited both Nick and Kurt to write articles for this blog as guest authors. I hope to have more detail about both of these apps soon.

If you are familiar with either or both, please don't hesitate to comment or contact me with your thoughts. I will re-post relevant portions of your comments with attribution.

Please forward this article or the link to this blog to persons you think might be interested in ASAR. Or better yet, form a Team.

"What do we do?"

"Save lives!"

"How do we do it?"



Red Angel One

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