Northwest Tennessee Ultralight Team Conducts Real-World ASAR Operation

Situation: 3 boaters missing in vicinity of Pickwick Dam.

Search Area: Approx. 1 mile wide, 12 miles long. Flooded timber. Flooded and recently flood row crop fields and river bank.

Personnel: 3- Pilots; Kurt, Alan. Ground team; Mike.

Kurt Duggar, the team leader is one of the PPG flyers that inspired the creation of ASAR National. Now, he and his team have put theory into practice. He has written out a detailed and professional "After Action Report" (AAR) regarding their search efforts for 3 missing boaters including details on coordination with local SAR officials. He and his team have set the bar for ASAR operations and I am looking forward to more details as time goes by. Maybe an AAR video. Here is a link to his blog site where the AAR can be found. It should be a template for future operations. Kurt has a lot of other good information on his blog too. Big thumbs up! Hoozah!

Northwest Tennessee Ultralight - After Action Report - (click here)

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