Building A Search Dummy

Kurt Dugger - Guest author, PPG pilot and member

I’ve talked before about how valuable paramotors can be in Search and Rescue operations. The only way to bring that value to a scene is good training beforehand. To that end I’ve been working on different methods and tools to better myself in this area.

A few days ago while watching a Paramotor Nation interview with the founder of ASAR National (Airborne Search and Rescue) I hit on an idea. One of the surprising things for me becoming a pilot was how different everything looks from the air. You can see everything but you have to train your eye to understand the world from this new vantage point. In comes “Find me Freddo” . . .

To read the article in its entirety (click here) and go to Kurt's blog site - "Freedom and Photography." Kurt has a bunch of other good stuff there to see, read and think about. Consider getting involved in Darkhorse 450.

It's really great to have a guest author who has written a good article that is directly related to what ASAR National is trying to achieve. I am looking for more content to post along this line. You do not have to have a team formed to be a member of ASAR National in order to submit content, be it articles or videos. Simply subscribing is enough make you a member. If you have formed a team and a created a Squadron shoulder patch, and sent the team information to me for posting on the website, you are an "ASAR Team Member" and you can get ASAR National shoulder patches for free for each Squadron member up to 5. Shoulder patches can be purchased thereafter for $5 each which any member/subscriber can purchase. That amount covers some of my costs. I invite you to subscribe.

What do we do?

Save lives!

How do we do it?



"Red Angel Two - Red Angel One - Is that the dummy?"

"Red Angel One - Red Angel Two - Wha'd you call me?!"

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