What do we do?

     Save lives!

How do we do it?


ASAR National is a virtual, online, social media organization comprised of Search and Rescue Teams that use Powered Paragliders (PPGs) as their primary search platform. We are dedicated to perfecting search methods and inter-agency SOPs with other search teams, search tacticians and law enforcement and fire/rescue agencies.

Who can join?

ASAR National is open to any individuals who form a team of at least two persons; a pilot and ground support and who can demonstrate that they bring positive skills to the development of PPG platformed, airborne search and rescue; including support rolls like all-terrain vehicles, watercraft, aviation, canines, SAR experience, fire/rescue, law enforcement, forestry, natural resources, etc. 

How does our team join?

To become a member of ASAR National send us the following information:

  • The names of the team members and the specific rolls they will play (e.g. pilot, ground support, operations, EMS, other) plus any certifications, training or experience that the team members may have to enhance the team's resume.

  • Equipment - Type of PPG, types of communications equipment (2-meter, airband, etc.),

  • Location - Counties you focus on for search and rescue

  • Website or blog URL if applicable

  • YouTube channel if applicable

  • Team photo

  • Shoulder patch logo

Have the team Captain send this information to or enter the information into the comments box of the "contact page" linked here. 

This information will be linked to on the ASAR National website and linked to your shoulder patch logo link on the home page.

What happens next?

After we receive this information, the team shoulder patch logo will be posted on the home page and it will be linked to a page on the ASAR National website that will show the team picture and resume as well as links to any website or blog or YouTube channel the team may have. It will also link to any YouTube videos that ASAR National considers exceptionally well suited to PPG airborne search and rescue. Having your team on ASAR National website will drive traffic to your team website.

ASAR National will be producing training videos from time to time and may request use of portions of videos created by member teams. 

Your Squadron shoulder patch logo

In creating your Squadron and squadron shoulder patch, please keep the following design criteria in mind. You squadron number should be 3 digits (e.g. 505th, 273rd, etc. Include a squadron moniker (e.g. "Swamp Things", "Sky Sailors", etc.) The 451st are the "Red Angels." Feel free to be creative but please, no obscene graphics or words. Keep it respectable. ASAR National reserves the right to reject any design it deems unsuitable for this website.

Ready to Join! Contact us.

To become a member of ASAR National, the team Captain should send us your information in the comments box below

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                                            Not quite ready yet? That's okay.

If you are interested in following our progress you can join ASAR National as a subscriber. Patches and hats are available for anybody to buy. Feel free to comment an in any of the comment sections and yes we will look at any video you send us regarding this topic and we will publish it here if it has good and valuable content.

ASAR National is an information resource only. It does not recommend any of its members for any specific operation nor vouch for the character or abilities of any of the team personnel. Each team must develop its own skills, relationships and reputation, document its successes, and vet its members for their suitability as a team member. All information presented here is done so with good intention and for entertainment purposes. Any information taken from this website that is adopted and executed is done so at the user's own risk. Powered para-glider flying can be dangerous to pilots as well as ground crew. ASAR National does hope to become a resource for law enforcement and fire/rescue and to assist them by forwarding to member ASAR teams all information concerning ongoing searches so that members may offer and provide their assistance or learn from the experiences of others.

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