ASAR National is a virtual, online, social media organization comprised of Search and Rescue Teams that use Powered Paragliders (PPGs) as their primary search platform. We are dedicated to perfecting search methods and inter-agency SOPs with other search teams, search tacticians and law enforcement and fire/rescue agencies.



What do we do?

     Save lives!

How do we do it?



What exactly is ASAR National?

  • ASAR National is a grass roots, virtual, online, social media organization loosely modeled after the Incident Command System developed by the Forestry Service and implemented by the Fire Service. It is designed to expand from a local to a national organization as it grows. It is primarily a social organization that derives satisfaction from:

  • Creating and refining search and rescue tactics and procedures using a powered para-glider and other associated support vehicles and equipment.

  • Having competitions between teams and squadrons to test skill levels and socialize.

  • And providing a valuable and professional level public service when needed. 

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How is it organized?

The smallest element of ASAR national is the "team" which consists of a pilot and support crew for a single PPG search platform and support vehicles and equipment. It is made up of enough crew members to cover the responsibilities needed for an effective search which are:

  • The Pilot - in charge of the PPG including set-up, pre-flight check and PPG operation.

  • Operations Specialist - in charge of alerting the crew of the search and communicating with the search authorities; communicating with the pilot, the ground crew and the EMS personnel during the search and in charge of studying the area to be searched via Google Earth to determine potential launch and landing sites, reading sectional charts to determine potential air hazards to the pilot, designing a search pattern and maintaining contact and tracking of the pilot.

  • Ground Support Specialist - in charge of maintaining all equipment on scene and maintaining a state of readiness for quick mobilization to a new location if required. Assist the pilot with initial set-up for launching and performing a redundant pre-flight check prior to launching the PPG.  

  • EMS - Provide any EMS support needed by victim or by the pilot in case of an accident. Determine the medical history of the victim(s) prior to making contact. Video record events for debriefing. Assist in PPG set-up and launch. Posses high angle and water rescue skills.

Teams are not limited to just the necessary personnel. Depending on the terrain you are specializing in you may want to include other support personnel such as Jeep, ATV, jet ski, alpine, drone, canine or air-boat operators and the like. The combinations of skills is endless. In addition, it is always good to have back up personnel to train with you because it may not be possible for all of the team members to respond to a search and rescue incident. An ASAR team may also want to affiliate with other SAR teams that specialize in specific search and rescue techniques to broaden their capabilities.

How do I form a team?

Probably the best place to find pilots is at a Paramotor Fly-in or post requests on our YouTube paramotor video comments. We will be posting upcoming nationwide events on the "Event" page of this website as well.

Operations Specialists and EMS personnel can be found at your local Fire Departments, especially at stations that host the Special Response Teams. County and large city departments will usually have a special response team. Many firefighters are eager to get involved in anything that hones their skills in special response and rapid intervention. The closer they are to your training center, the more likely they are to attend training.

Ground Support Specialists can come from a variety of sources including family members and friends. They should have an eye for detail and be organized and mechanically inclined. Many firefighters fall into this category since they maintain vehicles and equipment at work and are naturals for this roll. 

This sounds like more like work than fun. Why join?

In addition to being involved in a new search and rescue paradigm, forming your own team and joining ASAR National could open many doors for its members to practice and play at what they enjoy doing. Actual SAR incidents are rare. The ultimate reward for your efforts would of course be a real save where you actually saved people's lives but the interim reward is becoming an expert at a new search and rescue method through practice; becoming the "go-to" person with regard to searching a particular area regardless or what methods are used. And that you can accomplish from the air as a team.


"Area familiarization" is a training tool that the Fire Service uses and it simply involves driving or in our case flying around the area that you may need to know like the back of your hand in the future. It involves some risk because flying over areas where people may get lost or injured is usually uninhabited and access restricted by it's very nature. You need the back up support and equipment to survive coming down unexpectedly. Imagine flying over swampland or desert or being a support person with the tools you need to make a rapid entry to these areas. Learning to climb trees and perfect a tree top or to drive a rescue skiff to a ditched PPG pilot rescue. And recording and posting your efforts on YouTube. 

But even more so, the competitions and club meetings are a source of fun socialization. Have a clubhouse or meeting place. Attend and sponsor events and competitions. Paramotor "Fly-ins" are a blast! Go to one and you will get hooked. You will go back in time to the days of the biplanes. Create a line of merchandise (hats, shirts, jackets, jumpsuits, etc.) and wear the part. Collect patches and befriend other Squadron members. Swap lies and slap backs. Enjoy the comradery that the flyers and support personnel of WWI and WWII knew and felt.

PPG flying is fun once you punch through the fear factor and develop skills. PPG YouTubers are running out of stunts to publish and at the same time endangering the sports freedom by pushing the envelop to unsafe levels. ASAR National will give the sport the respectability and air of responsibility it needs to remain unregulated by restrictive laws and power hungry politicians. And it only requires straight and level flying. There is a lot of meat on this bone if you are into making videos and at the same time you will be making a very positive contribution to your community and the sport. Join Now!

ASAR National is an information resource only. It does not recommend any of its members for any specific operation nor vouch for the character or abilities of any of the team personnel. Each team must develop its own skills, relationships and reputation, document its successes, and vet its members for their suitability as a team member. All information presented here is done so with good intention and for entertainment purposes. Any information taken from this website that is adopted and executed is done so at the user's own risk. Powered para-glider flying can be dangerous to pilots as well as ground crew. ASAR National does hope to become a resource for law enforcement and fire/rescue and to assist them by forwarding to member ASAR teams all information concerning ongoing searches so that members may offer and provide their assistance or learn from the experiences of others.

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