ASAR National is a virtual, online, social media organization comprised of Search and Rescue Teams that use Powered Paragliders (PPGs) as their primary search platform. We are dedicated to perfecting search methods and inter-agency SOPs with other search teams, search tacticians and law enforcement and fire/rescue agencies.

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     Save lives!

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What is a "Team"?

What is a "Squadron"?

What is a "Star Bar"?

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ASAR National is a clearing house for ideas on perfecting airborne search and rescue; which tactics work and which don't, what equipment is good and what is garbage. Teams will accrue recognition for searches where they made a difference and with each recognition move up in the overall rankings of this site. Teams can raise money to sponsor their activities through selling team merchandise and creating successful YouTube videos. We are a social organization with a public service mission.It costs nothing to join ASAR National nor do we accept contributions and the benefits are great starting with

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Contact us with information about your new airborne search and rescue team and we will post your team squadron name and shoulder patch as a link to your website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook account or other social media outlet.

You can contribute content and ideas as much or as little as you see fit.

Click on the team shoulder patch icon to go to the team's social media page.

NW Tennessee.jpg

Northwest Tennessee Ultralight

Kurt Duggar, Alan and Mike

Squadron # and team name and pictures pending

            863rd Squadron

Florida - Lakeland and surrounding counties

"Sky Pirates"

"Acta non Verba"

Your Team!

            626th Squadron

Indiana - Lowell and Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton counties


"Tuum Fiat Voluntas"

Your Team!

            451st Squadron

Florida - Marion, Volusia, Lake, Seminole and Orange counties   "Red Angels"

"First In"

What is a "Team"?

A team is a group of individuals that support one or more PPG aircraft for a search and rescue operation. Teams will vary in size and make up, based on their equipment and the terrain they specialize in. A team may be made up of as few as 2-3 people; the pilot; ground support/operations and EMS for a foot launcher. For a cart it will usually include 3-4 persons; the pilot, ground support/operations and EMS. Team leaders may be referred to as the team "Captain" which is a purely honorary title.

What is a "Squadron"?

A Squadron is a group of "teams" that has the ability to provide services to a local area of about two-hours travel time, usually covering a county or group of contiguous counties. A Squadron may include one or more teams and specializes in assisting their local communities by area familiarization from the air and the ground, and from practice and development of effective search tactics. Squadrons need at least one social media online presence in the form of facebook/website/blog/vlog, etc., to link to and are identified by their Squadron number and/or moniker or "nickname", such as the "451st Red Angels" or 333rd Swamp Dogs." Teams within the Squadron are identified by the Squadron moniker plus a single digit number such as "Red Angel One" or "Swamp Dog Three" etc. This is also the radio call sign for the PPG aircraft and pilot. 

Florida - Marion, Volusia, Lake, Seminole and Orange Counties 

"Red Angels"  - "Always First"

What is a "Star bar"?

A Star bar" is a rating system that ASAR National uses to give each Squadron a rating. It is located above the shoulder patch link on the home page. A silver star indicates that the Squadron has received a letter of commendation from the administrator of the search stating that they made a significant contribution to the search. A gold star indicates that the Squadron has received a letter of commendation from the administrator of the search stating that they were directly responsible for the success of the search. Each star is a link to an article or video describing the event. The Squadron rating determines it's placement on the home page.

Who can join?

Anyone who subscribes to the ASAR National blog or YouTube vlog is automatically a "member." Anyone who forms a Team or a Squadron is a "Squadron member."  A Squadron or Team must consist of at least two members a (a pilot and a ground support crew) and demonstrate that they bring positive skills to the development of paramotor, airborne search and rescue; including support rolls like all-terrain vehicles, watercraft, aviation, canines, SAR experience, fire/rescue, law enforcement, forestry, natural resources, etc. 

The Right Stuff

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Who can form a team?

Any member can form a Team or Squadron. It can be a pilot or a support team member or a financial backer. If you are an existing SAR team that uses other search techniques, you should consider forming an ASAR Squadron. There are no fees to join ASAR National or form a Squadron. Members will provide for all their equipment and are encouraged to demonstrate their skills and practices using a website, blog and/or YouTube video channel and by participating at competitions. 

ASAR National is an information resource only. It does not recommend any of its members for any specific operation nor vouch for the character or abilities of any of the team personnel. Each team must develop its own skills, relationships and reputation, document its successes, and vet its members for their suitability as a team member. All information presented here is done so with good intention and for entertainment purposes. Any information taken from this website that is adopted and executed is done so at the user's own risk. Powered para-glider flying can be dangerous to pilots as well as ground crew. ASAR National does hope to become a resource for law enforcement and fire/rescue and to assist them by forwarding to member ASAR teams all information concerning ongoing searches so that members may offer and provide their assistance or learn from the experiences of others.

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